Who can benefit from hormone replacement therapy?

A skilled provider will help you answer if hormone replacement therapy is right for you by completing a comprehensive consultation to include detailed blood work. Common indicators of low hormone levels, but are not limited to, include fatigue/low energy levels, declining libido or sexual performance, feelings of depression or mood swings, decreased ability to gain lean muscle mass or waning strength, increased accumulation of body fat, difficulty with focus/brain-fog. If you find yourself experiencing any or most of these symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may be the answer to feeling your best self.

What are the benefits and considerations of hormone replacement therapy?

Benefits that can be seen when implementing hormone replacement therapy include renewed energy levels, heightened mood stability and cognitive function, increased physical strength and ability to gain and maintain lean muscle mass, improved sexual performance and libido, all while experiencing lasting health and happiness.

Considerations that may be taken into account when starting hormone replacement therapy include potential side effects such as new onset acne, fluid retention, or gynecomastia (breast enlargement). A decrease in fertility, which can be reversed once treatment has been stopped, increased hemoglobin and hematocrit which can lead to clotting of the blood if action is not taken to correct.

Can I do my own injections?

Yes, you will be given the supplies needed on the monthly membership program to perform the injections needed at your own home. Instructions will be given upon starting therapy.

How does SO EstheVa Wellness MedsSpa conduct hormone replacement therapy?

SO EstheVa does a monthly membership program for hormone replacement therapy. Please call for details.